Static Security

Your premises’ static Security Service intends to have permanent and complete control over all areas, offering continuous evaluation of potential threats and adjustment of the existing protection plan (security system, entrances, fencing, etc.).

Especially in the case of companies, the goal is to ensure personnel and customer safety, as well as the safety of various visitors, goods supply and vehicle movement. That is why we invest in responsible, well-trained, experienced and credible staff.

VIP Protection

Taking into account the particular requirements of this service, Defensor Civitatis thoroughly examines the daily routine of the client, their family and work environment, as well as their wider social contacts, assesses risks and vulnerabilities, so as to develop a personalized, custom-made action plan. 

We want our customers to feel confident and safe in all their activities, with the least possible limitations.



Defensor Civitatis undertakes patrols in order to monitor a specific geographic location at regular and irregular intervals.

During these continuous field checks we are able to detect any movement, analyze the area, mark risk and danger points and execute any security agreements with our clientele.

Alarm Installation and Secure Constructions

We can offer you the most reliable solutions for alarm systems and implement installation. For the successful installation and operation of a system, it is essential to have, thorough quality infrastructure control of peripheral equipment (radar, sirens, detectors, etc.) and signal generation control.

Our company also manufactures custom-made safety fences of all types, safety vaults, panic rooms, security guards houses and security doors.

Signal Reception Centers

In association with the most technologically advanced Signal Reception Centers we offer protection 24 / 7 / 365. With any signal from the protected location an experienced professional will authenticate the real cause of alarm and forward the location to the police immediately. We are able to provide you any remote monitoring service with the highest care in matters of privacy, safety and security.

Event Security

Since the demands of any successful event count on delicate planning, security must be one of the first things for anyone to keep in mind. We offer the finest structural security plans and we layer our security measures levels in order to assure you of the most secure event you can host.

Reception Guards

This specific package refers mainly to businesses that need a security professional for the role of receptionist. We offer highly trained individuals that acquire technical knowledge in the sense of office essentials and traffic control.

Besides the standard monitoring procedures, our skilled experts offer many other services and assets to your company.

Protection for Minors

We offer special protection programs for any underage client upon agreement. Our services vary from full time security service, school pick-ups, and travel safety to at-home safety watch. We value the protection needs of any minor first and we assure their parents and relatives of the highest protection standard on the market.

Safety Plan Designs

The comprehensive safety design offers the best possible combination of cost and security. Defensor Civitatis is developing comprehensive security studies for homes and businesses by monitoring the needs of security, studying of architectural plans and infrastructures, examining the site area with the presence of experts, identifying any weaknesses or potential risks, performing a detailed inventory of existing systems and capabilities, drawing up a study and relevant budget

K9 Services

Defensor Civitatis in collaboration with certified dog trainers offers training sessions in order to supply you with certified guard dogs for your residence. We train K9s with the highest form of respect for the animals and we monitor the whole training in order to assure you of our methods.

Armored Vehicles

We can help you choose the most secure vehicle for your needs and after further inspection we can assist you in the right way of purchasing and delivering such vehicle. We can teach you to drive, operate and take care of such vehicle.

Vacation Watch

Our experienced personnel is available to assure you of the security of your properties in any case of your absence. Delivering reports and monitoring your property, operating with the highest respect for your privacy.

 Vulnerability Check

We provide you with a team of experts to monitor and record your current security plan in order to find access points. In agreement with the client we proceed on an on-site evaluation and assessment of your system. In case of no security system we proceed with the same tactics in order to present you all the possible threats in the most realistic way possible.

Consulting Services

Defensor civitatis operates on a team of field experts in order to make sure that our elite clientele stays safe and secure. We offer appointments with a team of experts in order to consult you in security matters and give you solutions to security related problems. Our experts are available to guide you throughout the entirety of the security needs for you and your business.


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